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In addition to their media buying services for satellite TV and local cable TV, Fateh Rural Pvt Ltd also offers media buying services for radio and print. Here are the details of these services:


  • Better ROI: Fateh Rural Pvt Ltd focuses on maximising the return on investment for clients' radio advertising campaigns, ensuring that the allocated marketing budget generates the desired outcomes.
  • RJ Mentions: They leverage the power of radio personalities by incorporating RJ mentions into ad campaigns, which can increase audience engagement and enhance brand visibility.
  • Integration: Fateh Rural Pvt Ltd facilitates the integration of ad campaigns across various radio stations, allowing clients to reach a wider audience and achieve better campaign results.
  • Specialisation: The company has expertise in radio advertising and understands the unique dynamics of the medium, enabling them to create targeted and impactful radio campaigns.
  • Radio-led Campaign: They can develop comprehensive campaigns that are specifically designed to leverage the strengths of radio as a medium, ensuring maximum effectiveness and impact.


  • Bulk Deals: Fateh Rural Pvt Ltd negotiates bulk deals with print publications, enabling clients to secure cost-effective rates for their print advertising campaigns.
  • Advertorials: They offer advertorial placements, which are editorial-style advertisements that blend seamlessly with the content of the print publication, providing a more engaging and informative experience for readers.
  • Combo Offers: The company provides combo offers that allow clients to advertise in multiple print publications simultaneously, increasing the reach and exposure of their brand or product.
  • Best Positioning: Fateh Rural Pvt Ltd ensures that the print advertisements are strategically positioned within the publication to maximize visibility and capture the attention of the target audience.
  • Value Additions: They offer additional value-added services for print advertising, such as creative enhancements, special placements, and customisation options to enhance the impact and effectiveness of the campaigns.

By availing Fateh Rural Pvt Ltd's media buying services for radio and print, clients can benefit from better ROI, targeted audience reach, strategic campaign planning, and value-added services to maximise the impact of their advertising efforts in these mediums.

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