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Fateh Rural Pvt Ltd offers media buying services, including designing the optimal spend mix for various media channels. Here are some key features of their media buying services:

  1. Satellite TV:

    • Best rates: Fateh Rural Pvt Ltd negotiates favorable rates for advertising on satellite TV channels, ensuring cost-effective marketing spend.
    • Integrations: They facilitate integration of ad campaigns across multiple satellite TV channels, maximizing the reach and impact of the advertisements.
    • Best Regional Planning: The company excels in regional planning, identifying the most suitable satellite TV channels to target specific regions or markets.
    • Best Positioning: Fateh Rural Pvt Ltd helps clients achieve optimal ad positioning within satellite TV programming, increasing the visibility and effectiveness of the advertisements.
    • Best Value Additions: They provide additional value-added services and benefits to clients, enhancing the overall impact of their ad campaigns on satellite TV.
    • Excellent Relation with Media: The company maintains strong relationships with satellite TV channels, allowing them to secure advantageous deals and ensure smooth execution of ad campaigns.
  2. Local Cable TV:

    • Geo Targeting (at District level): Fateh Rural Pvt Ltd offers geo-targeting capabilities, allowing clients to focus their ad campaigns on specific districts or geographical areas through local cable TV channels.
    • Live Monitoring: They provide automatic logs and real-time updates on ad placements and performance through intuitive dashboards, enabling clients to monitor the progress of their campaigns.
    • Frequent Channel Checks: The company conducts regular checks and assessments of local cable TV channels to ensure the quality and effectiveness of ad placements.
    • Measurement of Campaigns: For state-level campaigns, Fateh Rural Pvt Ltd measures the ROI (Return on Investment) and reach of the campaigns on local cable TV, providing valuable insights for performance evaluation and optimization.

By utilising Fateh Rural Pvt Ltd's media buying services, clients can benefit from strategic planning, cost-effective ad placements, targeted reach, and efficient campaign monitoring and evaluation.

Contact Information:

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