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Fateh Rural Pvt Ltd specializes in providing services in shop branding solutions and gift items. Here are the details of their offerings:

Shop Branding Solutions:

  1. Shop Boards: Fateh Rural Pvt Ltd offers shop board solutions for businesses. They can design and create customised shop boards that effectively represent your brand and attract customers.

  2. Shop Gates: They also provide branding solutions for shop gates. Whether you need customised gates with your logo and branding elements or creative designs to enhance the visual appeal of your shop entrance, Fateh Rural Pvt Ltd can assist you.

  3. In-Shop Branding Items: If you require branding items for the interior of your shop, Fateh Rural Pvt Ltd can help. They can provide various in-shop branding solutions such as wall graphics, promotional posters, signage, and display materials to create an engaging shopping environment.

  4. Desktop Items: Fateh Rural Pvt Ltd offers desktop items for businesses, such as customised stationery, pen stands, notepads, and other accessories. These can be personalised with your brand logo and serve as promotional items or gifts for employees or customers.

    Shop Branding Items:

    • Window decals and stickers: Eye-catching decals and stickers that can be applied to shop windows to display logos, promotional messages, or product information.

    • Floor graphics: Creative and durable graphics that can be placed on the floor of your shop to enhance branding and guide customers to specific areas or products.

    • Hanging banners and flags: Vibrant banners and flags that can be suspended from the ceiling or mounted on walls to attract attention and promote your brand.

    • Counter displays: Customised displays that can be placed on counters or point-of-sale areas to showcase products, brochures, or promotional materials.

Corporate Gifting:

    Fateh Rural Pvt Ltd also specialises in corporate gifting, catering to different target audiences. Here are the categories they provide gifting
    solutions for:

  1. Farmers: They offer a range of gift items specifically designed for farmers. These could include agricultural tools, safety equipment, promotional merchandise, or any other items that can be useful for farmers in their daily work.

  2. End Customers: If you're looking for gift items to offer to your end customers, Fateh Rural Pvt Ltd can help you choose appropriate options. They can provide customised products, promotional merchandise, or other items that align with your brand and appeal to your target audience.

  3. Dealers and Distributors: Fateh Rural Pvt Ltd offers gifting solutions for dealers and distributors as well. Whether you need incentives, recognition awards, or promotional items to distribute among your business partners, they can provide suitable options.

  4. For Employees: Recognising and appreciating your employees is essential. Fateh Rural Pvt Ltd offers corporate gifting solutions for employees. This may include personalised items like engraved trophies, certificates of recognition, company-branded merchandise, or gift vouchers to show appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

    Corporate Gifting Items:

    • Branded apparel: Customised t-shirts, polo shirts, caps, or jackets with your company logo, which can be given as gifts to employees, clients, or business partners.

    • Tech gadgets: Popular tech gadgets such as USB drives, power banks, wireless chargers, or Bluetooth speakers, which can be branded and given as corporate gifts.

    • Drinkware: Customised mugs, water bottles, or thermoses with your company logo, suitable for gifting to employees or clients.

    • Executive desk sets: Elegant desk sets that include items like pen stands, desk organizers, and high-quality pens, ideal for corporate gifting to executives or business associates.

    • Eco-friendly products: Environmentally-friendly gifts such as reusable tote bags, eco-conscious stationery, or sustainable lifestyle products that align with your company's values.

Contact Information:

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