Pioneers of Integrated, Multi-Channel Marketing

Integrated, multi-channel sales & marketing campaigns, involving all customer touch-points - from digital to physical.

Leads from social media, digital and outdoor campaigns generated & nurtured with auto-pilot conversational interfaces & call centers.

Multi-lingual inbound & outbound call centers including voice blasts, SMS & Whatsapp notifications, Toll free management & VoIP.

Road shows, farmer & dealer meetings, product launches, hoardings, AV Vans, shop boards and branding, rural mandis, haat bazaars & more!

We design the ideal spend mix for print, television, digital & other media, to ensure optimal marketing spend & maximum RoI.

Multi-lingual marketing collateral including brochures, flyers, product guides & packaging that resonates with your brand.

Multi-lingual TV commercials that ensure brand recall, depict regional culture & strike the perfect emotional chord with audiences.

Corporate & product presentations, and effective, multi-lingual communique that meets audience needs & drives call to action.

With responsive web, mobile & social media solutions, Fateh ensures healthy digital footprint & positive sentiment for your brand.

Crop Solutions

Our digital infrastructure enables on demand information dissemination to customers - through Whatsapp Bots & other channels.

We design & deploy loyalty programs for your products, after studying farmer sentiment, behavior and preferences.

QR codes, printed on print collateral, is a smart way to integrate outdoor campaigns with digital initiatives.

From celebrity identification for specific markets & products, to campaign planning, development & execution.

Veering away from traditional reward schemes, our brand contests incorporate Leader-boards & Psychological triggers to motivate buying.

Our AI solutions & bots engage customers on auto-pilot. An automated sales funnel engages leads & sells even when you're away.

IoT & Satellite based smart farming for automated irrigation & crop monitoring using sensors & satellite feeds.

Drive shared innovation by uniting all Rural Marketing & Agri stakeholders, on a common digital platform.

Agri E-commerce solutions & marketplaces that ensure transparency & level playing field for farmers & companies of all size & stature.

Includes audience, medium & channel identification. Ensures effective messaging, strategy and negotiation, to maximize RoI.

In line with the new, post-COVID normal, with digital events, your marketing teams reach rural audiences without physically being there.